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We offer the best space-saving solution with the highest quality Murphy wall bed systems in Mexico.  Our systems are easy to use, convenient, and durable, optimizing the space in your home while providing maximum comfort for your guests.

These are the original products that have been made in Canada since 1975.  We are the official dealers in Mexico for Murphy Wall Beds Hardware Inc.  Our customer base has expanded to condominium developments and hotels throughout the country.

All Murphy Beds Mexico hardware is powder coated. Powder coating is resistant to cracking,  chipping, abrasion, and most importantly, rust.  It is highly durable, retains color and gloss, and is a far more environmentally friendly option than traditional paint.

The European manufactured counter-balanced spring loaded mechanisms are made under global standards. This ensures great functionality throughout the life of these superb products.

Each Murphy Bed Mexico mechanism is designed for any room, whether it be your living room, home office, yoga studio, or recreation room. 

All items come with an Instruction Manual in English and Spanish and Cabinetry Cut List to help make the installation of your Murphy Bed fast and easy.